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SDK 11 - Sunrise Garden
021-5802518 ;WA = 087820200111 / 089528133148 / 0877 7228 5420
Indonesia, Sunrise Garden, Jakarta Barat, 10130, Jalan Surya Bahagia 11.
SDK 11 - Sunrise Garden
Building type: Apartment
Property ID: 10
Ruang Kelas: 22
Luas Sekolah: 3010 (m2)

Ciri Khas Sekolah: Menekankan karakter Kristiani



Juara 1 & 3 - Bola Basket tingkat Kabupaten

Silver Medal - OSN Matematika Tingkat Nasional

Juara 2 - O2SN Bulutangkis Tingkat Provinsi

Juara 3 - OSN IPA tingkat Kecamatan

Dan berbagai prestasi lainnya dalam bidang Akademik dan Non-Akademik


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Vania Christina

Primary education is really important towards the future. For me, I am so grateful that I went to SDK 11 Penabur which has a clear vision and mission, as well as a curriculum that is well programmed so that the goals and objectives that have been set can be achieved. Besides that, the teachers are very competent and cool. They are able to guide and teach every student to study diligently in order to achieve the desired results. Moreover, the school environment as well as the infrastructure also play an important role to support the learning process in both academic and non-academic aspects. SDK 11 Penabur has a large and comfortable building. The surrounding environment was clean and organized so that students often sit back, play, or learn together around the school. In addition, SDK 11 Penabur is also located in the middle of a modern residential that allows us to frequently interact with the surrounding community.

To close with, all of those can support us, the students, to study optimally in order to become a person that are independent, successful, and brave.